December 20,

How can you extend your relaxation with our privilege offers? Enter behind the scenes of Baan Thai Institute Tangier, by discovering our wide range of packages. Let’s start with an offer dedicated to the energetic rebalancing, including a Thai traditional massage without oil, applied on a futon: our « CHIANG MAÏ » package is ideal to retrieve form and vitality. You want to free tensions accumulated day after day? Relax with our « KHO SAMUI » package and retrieve inner peace for your body and mind, thanks to the ancestral techniques of Thai massage with aromatic oils. You need an ultra-relaxing treatment? Our « BANGKOK » package, inspired from Indian Ayurveda, including a Thai massage with warm oils, purified oils heated at the body’s temperature, is the one that will appease your pains and tensions.
Let’s end with the most popular one, our « PHUKET » package: a perfect alliance between energetic rebalancing and relaxation, it’s our signature Baan Thai massage, alternating between fluid pressures and moves for an optimal relaxation and replenish your vital energy. All packages start with a 30-45 minutes traditional scrub Hammam. Don’t hesitate anymore to make the right choice, contact our booking service and let us guide you with our professional team’s advice who will direct you to the package that suits you the most!